About Me

Welcome to Two Eggplants Company! My name is Meilin and my love for soap-making started when I was looking for all natural and handcrafted gifts for friends and family for the holidays that are not mass-produced. This led to a soap-making class and little did I know that soap-making would unleash an addiction that I have trouble shaking off! I have been completely addicted to creating new designs and experimenting with different materials and methods and it's hard to stop!

I couldn't decide which major to give up so by attending summer session and working every summer, I graduated with honors in Psychology and Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley. While I tried to find my way in the world, I became fluent in the language and nuances of commercial real estate and received exposure to inspiring entrepreneurs and all kinds of business models by representing retail clients in negotiating leases with commercial landlords. I also indulged in my inner geekiness by working in academic research in gauging effectiveness of teaching with high tech gadgets in the college classroom at MIT. I am also indebted to my first manager at Sybase who gave a new college graduate armed with no technical experience the chance to learn technology from a world-class high-tech company where I learned to troubleshoot cryptic error messages from SQL server databases that eventually led to even more technical experience when I traveled to mobile operators in various Caribbean islands installing text-messaging software. However, I am truly at my best in creative endeavors like playing with glycerin, colors, butters, and fragrances as well as delighting customers with creative designs. (I am also working at a feverish pace to complete a first manuscript for a thriller.) :)

Have fun looking around and I hope my unique creations make you and your loved ones smile as much as I do when I make them! Since I love colors, shapes, and novelty - stay tuned for more colorful and fun novelty soaps! I have an insatiable appetite for new cool ideas, please feel free to contact me if you have new design ideas and you will even get the 1st soap made for free as a token of my appreciation!

Thank you so much for coming!